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28 Jun 2011
The variety and diversity of Glastonbury Festival means that festival go-ers can experience much more than chart topping acts. Warming up this year's festival was Brian Cox, who took to the Cabaret Tent to host a live edition of his award winning radio show 'The Infinite Monkey Cage'. The show takes popular science and combines it with an easy-going, comic appeal - which has won it a 'Sony Award'.
The physicist was joined by co-host Robin Ince, comic Shappi Khorsandi, Professor Tony Ryan and Bill Bragg in their 'rational tent - a solitary place where the light of reason can burn safely among the smoldering rubble of the enlightenment strewn across the muddy fields outside' (as Cox and Ince described it).
The Cabaret Tent at Glastonbury
Brian Cox has already brought science to the forefront of prime-time TV in the UK, hosting the popular BBC documentary series 'Wonders of The Universe'. The series explains special occurrences which have shaped the universe and laws of nature we are familiar with.
It is Cox's undying passion for his subject matter which keeps people tuning in. He invites viewers to consider the universe in a fresh way. In a world that has an increasing variety of entertainment to choose from, merging these factual shows with entertainment is an impressive feat. Jonathan Jones, from the UK's Guardian labels him a 'riposte to critics of the BBC' and celebrates him for 'renewing the promise of 1970s documentary television in such a contemporary way'. Brain Cox shows that, in the face of harsh criticism, the BBC still 'dares to dream'.
Cox has rightly become an inspirational figure.
You can listen to the Glastonbury recording here.
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