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24 Jun 2011
Two Door Cinema Club have helped to get the Glastonbury Festival underway. The Irish indie-rock band performed on the globally recognised Pyramid Stage earlier this afternoon.

The band have had a remarkable career so far. Their debut album 'Tourist History' won the 'Choice Music Prize' for Irish album of the year in 2010 and they received €10,000 prize money. In the spirit of The Wild Geese® , the band generously donated all the prize money to Abaana, an charity based in Northern Ireland.

Since starting in 2007, the band have been regulars on the festival circuit and toured the globe with their easy-going sound. Performing on the Pyramid Stage at Glastonbury - one of the most famous stages in the world - is something the band will surely remember for a long time. It's a struggle to get to this stage, and it proves that Irish culture is appreciated at the most popular level. As Harmless Noise rightly says, 'when the big guns ask you to play Glastonbury, you know you're doing something right'.

For those of you not lucky enough to be at Glastonbury, this is what you're missing:

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