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23 Jun 2011
Congratulations to Rory McIlroy! The Northern Irish sportsman won the US Open over the weekend, realising a childhood dream and proving he's no longer an up-and-coming contender.

The twenty-two year old returned to the 'Hollywood Golf Club' in Co. Down Ireland, where he used to practice as a youngster, proudly exhibiting the trophy he received for winning the US Open.

'I can't thank my parents enough for what they've done for me and winning the US Open is only a tiny little bit of my appreciation for what they've done, so hopefully there's more trophies for them in the future and more things for us to share and celebrate'.

His remarkable journey echoed the scene a year ago, when fellow Northern Irishman Graeme McDowell won the same trophy and celebrated the win at his childhood golf club in Portrush.

'Graeme inspired me and gave me a lot of belief that I could do the same thing... If Graeme hadn't won last year I don't know if I would be standing here talking to you as a major champion'.

But McIlroy shares the fiery ambition of the Wild Geese, as he now intends to build on this momentum and is setting his sights on 'more trophies' - already preparing for The Open, the oldest of the four major Golfing tournaments.

'I will be putting in plenty of practice ahead of The Open, doing all the hard work before the tournament... I want to give myself every chance to win the last two Majors of the season'.

'I've always been a dreamer and I've always had very high hopes and expectations. This is all I've wanted to do from a very early age - to live my dream of being a professional golfer'

The Wild Geese® Irish Whiskey is a celebration of the ambition and commitment of The Wild Geese® . The achievements of McIlroy are a reminder of the continuation of their story. We're looking forward to seeing McIlroy's charge towards a second championship.
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