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59 Days: Walking Solo Across Antarctica

30 Jan 2012
Last week Felicity Aston successfully crossed 1,084 miles of Antarctica. She started out from the Leveratt Glacier on November 25 2011, and arrived at Hercules Inlet on January 23rd.

This included the laborious task of walking the distance in skis, dragging two sledges of food and fuel and navigating crevasses and uneven terrain. Not only did Felicity accomplish this three days before she was expecting to finish, but she did this alone. 59 days of solitude was Felicity's a major challenge. Although support was nearby and she received two supply drops during her journey, her only company was the sun and the featureless landscape that laid a head of her.

But Felicity stayed focused, even when she thought she wouldn't make it.

In the face of adversity, she showed courage.

In the harsh conditions of Antarctica, perseverance is absolutely necessary. Felicity kept going and reached her destination three days early, becoming the first woman to travel solo across Antarctica.

This is the story of The Wild Geese® . They shared this unique ability to keep going.

Felicity made the flight out of Antarctica with time to spare, and will be returning to her home in the UK this week. While it may take some time to adjust to normal life again, we're sure she'll enjoy her time reflecting on this remarkable feat.
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