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A Wild Whiskey Guide to Valentine’s Day

12 Feb 2015

THE WILD GEESE® Irish Whiskey Collection presents a five-step guide to a perfect pairing this Valentine’s Day for lovers looking for a Valentine’s with a difference.

Having left their own sweethearts at home, THE WILD GEESE® Collection tells the story of courageous Irish soldiers forced to leave Ireland in 1691. While they were successful abroad, fighting circumstance and adversity they dreamt of returning home to their beloved Ireland. Inspired by this story, THE WILD GEESE® Collection has been designed with love in mind, no matter how far that love stretches.

THE WILD GEESE® Collection is comprised of four unique Irish whiskeys and an Irish Honey Liqueur, each offering something sweet this Valentine’s Day.

The brand new THE WILD GEESE® Irish Honey Liqueur will entice your new sweetheart with lifted aromas of honey and spice that expertly integrate to give a multi layered, complex palate and a long lasting finish. It’s made with the award winning THE WILD GEESE® Irish whiskey and blended with a 100% pure and natural honey from the green fields of Tipperary and Kilkenny. THE WILD GEESE® Irish Honey Liqueur works well as an alternative to the “Caipirinha” cocktail.

For the adventurous, looking to meet someone new, the subtle smooth and easy-going Classic Blend Irish Whiskey will help kick start the night. Its citrus notes mix well in cocktails like a bespoke Chilli & Chocolate Rusty Nail.

Like The Classic Blend, the Rare Irish Whiskey is smooth but with a much richer personality, perfect for sharing on those all important second and third dates. Tradition is at the heart of this whiskey making it an ideal tipple to get to know each other. The balanced nature of the Rare Irish makes it perfect in short cocktails, like an “Old Fashioned” or the scrumptious “Irish Kiss”.

For those looking to spend a cosy night in with that special someone, The Single Malt Irish Whiskey is recommended. It’s complex and has great depths to be explored over time. Hints of vanilla and peppery malt make this a romance to be nurtured.

Last, but never least, The Limited Edition Irish Whiskey is the perfect blind date. Sweet to start, with hints of marzipan that lead to sophisticated overtones of chocolate. This is masterfully made whiskey, blended with love and passion, making it a delicious ice breaker.

Cupid’s Cocktails

chilli-chocoChilli & Chocolate Rusty Nail

1 fresh chilli (mildly hot)
20ml chocolate liqueur
2 drops of chocolate bitters
25ml Drambuie
grated dark chocolate
orange zest

Mash the chilli in a rocks glass to release the flavours. Add the chocolate liqueur and chocolate bitters and mix.

Add the ice. stir. Add the Drambuie and THE WILD GEESE® whiskey and stir. Grate some dark chocolate and spray the orange zest. Garnish with a slab of chocolate and a chilli on top.

kissIrish Kiss

10ml Galliano
10ml Elderflower cordial
3 dashes peach bitters

Rinse a tumbler with Galliano and discard. Shake the remaining ingredients with ice and strain into the tumbler. Snap a lemon zest on top to garnish.

10945822_659946750780577_5256919647760722013_o-1024x819Lime & Honey

1 lime
Crushed ice

A great alternative to a Caipirinha. Cut the lime into wedges and muddle in the glass. Add crushed ice and pour in THE WILD GEESE® IRISH HONEY LIQUER.

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