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Boxing Day in The Spare Room

20 Dec 2011

On Boxing Day night we’ll be sponsoring a charity event at the Spare Room in The Roosevelt Hotel on Hollywood Boulevard, Los Angeles.

The event has been set up in support of The Hospitality Kitchen. This charity is a Skid Row soup kitchen . It’s known as the ‘Hippie Kitchen’ and offers aid to those who truly need it.

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Designed by Studio Collective, the newly renovated Spare Room opened in January 2011 has a distinct character and beacons in the stylish trendsetters. The Spare Room offers a unique night out, boasting two vintage reclaimed bowling lanes and backgammon tables. Tucked away in a secret location is secret photo booth, which is rumoured to be somewhere near the bowling shoes area. It’s worth a look, as you could come away with some back and white photo booth pictures to add to the photo albums.asdf

The Spare Room has already attracted celebrity patrons (including Ryan Gosling) and is quickly becoming a sensational part of Los Angeles nightlife. We’re really excited to get THE WILD GEESE® Irish Soldiers & Heroes* mixing it up in such a mesmerising location.

If you’re in the area, come down and show you’re support in a remarkable location.

*In North America THE WILD GEESE® Irish Whiskey is sold under the brand name THE WILD GEESE® Irish Soldiers & Heroes’.

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