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01 Feb 2012

The Next chapter in the epic story of THE WILD GEESE® Collection launches a new expression – The Wild Geese® Golden Rum

Avalon Group Inc proudly created THE WILD GEESE® COLLECTION OF PREMIUM SPIRITS and started by establishing the only super premium Collection of Irish Whiskeys, THE WILD GEESE® Collection, which, in the last two years has been voted ‘Best Irish Whiskey’ three times.

Avalon continues to lead the way in the creation of premium spirits and is delighted to launch the latest addition to its contemporary range of fine spirits with THE WILD GEESE® GOLDEN RUM.

  • Uses hand-picked parcels of aged rum, aged for up to five years
  • Unique, versatile, sweet and complex dark pouring rum – perfect for mixing cocktails

Hints of butterscotch and tropical fruit, THE WILD GEESE® Golden Rum develops notes of apricot and cocoa to a lingering finish with a touch of dried spice.

The story of THE WILD GEESE® is powerful and resonant to people all over the world.

Even before the dramatic events that led to Patrick Sarsfield and The Wild Geese® leaving Ireland in 1691, many Irish men and women were forced from their homeland, sent to the Caribbean and Americas to work on plantations.

Sent into darkness and exile, they did not flinch when faced with this unimaginable horror. Their story of courage has been largely untold until now. Determined to win freedom, those that escaped, blazed a trail across the endless blue as liberators and pirates of the Caribbean.

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