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Courage, Belief and Dreams Realised in Dublin

17 Jan 2012

Glenn Close has spearheaded a movie project that has been tied to her ambitions for close to 30 years. On the brink of release is Albert Nobbs, a film that is sure to challenge the role of gender in a person's character.

Based on the 1918 short story by George Moore, Albert Nobbs follows a woman who is going through life in 19th Century Ireland disguised as a man. As the story unravels, it becomes apparent that Albert is trapped in his own disguise.

An intriguing story to say the least. It is one that Glenn Close first encountered 29 years ago, when she won an Obie Award for an Off-Broadway performance of the story. Believing the performance would make a great movie, Close took command of the project. She has produced it, invested her own money, approached Rodrigo García to direct, assembled an energetic cast and shot the film on location in Dublin.

The Irish weather is famously unpredictable, and Close tells Elle Magazine, 'You know that blizzard that fell in Dublin? We had to keep filming - we couldn't afford to stop'. Her commitment to the role - to a story she believes matters - is admirable. After 29 years in the making, Close see the story as transcending gender to deliver a much deeper message:

'In a strange way, gender becomes irrelevant. What's more important is who you are, what you stand for, what you believe, what you dream of, how courageous you are - gender come after that'.

We fully appreciate this sentiment. This is what The Wild Geese® stood for - what they continue to stand for. it's their belief and courage that brought them to the remarkable accomplishments they have achieved.

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