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Everyone is A Little Bit Irish

18 Mar 2011
Wild Geese celebrated St. Patrick's Day throughout the world yesterday. The New York City St. Patrick's Day parade saw 2 million people flock to Fifth Avenue to watch 200,000 marchers. The parade included marching bands and bagpipers, exemplifying the influence that Irish migration has had and celebrating Irish culture and heritage. Michelle Kelly, who was visiting New York from Dublin commented, "It's brilliant... I've never seen anything like this, not even in Dublin. There are so many different cultures together here - just for the Irish".

This was not an Irish-only event. People of all nationalities came together to enjoy a day of celebration. One British visiter explained, "The parade is truly an international celebration. It is so amazing to see that here in New York City everyone is a little bit Irish today".

The celebrations are sure to continue into the weekend, and although the Irish flags will come down on Monday morning, the lasting influence of Irish culture can be seen everyday throughout the world.

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