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George Clooney's Most Promising Role

05 Sep 2011
George Clooney has recently halted all rumours suggesting that he may run for the US Presidency. Speaking at the Venice Film Festival, where he is showcasing his latest film 'Ides of March', Clooney acknowledged the difficulties that the role brings.

Clooney is no shrinking violet when it comes to political issues. Although he may not be destined for the Whitehouse, Clooney has not shied away from a fight for change. He is renowned for his humanitarian efforts, just as much as he is for his Hollywood roles.

As one of the most prominent figures of Hollywood's Irish Love Affair - his great great grandparents emigrated from Ireland and settled in the US - Clooney has exploited his celebrity status to put change into action. George Clooney publicly supported Barack Obama's Presidential campaign and has since discussed important issues thats are close to his heart with the President. He has significantly involved himself in bringing the Darfur conflict and its resulting atrocities to light, making several documentaries to better inform western audiences. With his fellow Ocean's 11 cast members he helped to establish the Not On Our Watch organisation that works to end global atrocities such as those in Darfur.

His involvement with sensitive issues have prompted the rumours of Clooney running for Washington, and many have suggested that he could be the Democrats' answer to Ronald Reagan. But although Clooney has played many roles in his career, 'President' does not seem to be one of them.

Instead, he continues his most recurring role - 'The Idealist', 'The Hopeful'. Speaking about Ides of March, Clooney outlined the political atmosphere as he sees it - filled with cynicism - but he insists this will not last forever.

Although this context refers to the US Political scope, this is an opinion that George Clooney has displayed in his attitude and actions. The Wild Geese® Irish Whiskey Collection has been produced to celebrate the uncompromising nature of Men of Action. Patrick Sarsfield was a hopeful and idealist and fought passionately for change, creating a timeless legacy in the process.
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