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Hunter Gatherer: Clarissa Ward

23 Sep 2013
Screen-shot-2013-09-23-at-18.00.53 'Oh, they know who I am - I'm on a blacklist,' journalist Clarissa Ward says of the Syrian Government. Resourceful and determined, Ward has already snuck into Syria 9 times (often without a phone) to report on the civil war. Her famous segment on CBS News' 60 Minutes proved that she is a force to be reckoned with. After being told by a rebel leader that his prisoners were well treated, she presented him with a video that showed them being executed, opening the worlds' eyes to the brutality of the conflict. Ward is well versed in not just the politics of these conflicted regions, but also the culture, always finding the humanity at the centre of the politics. She speaks arabic, Mandarin and Russian and is often the only American reporting from conflicted areas. As the only America at a Gaza press conference, she confronted the Hamas chief Khaled Meshaal, shouting to be heard, asking if he truly wanted to see peace with Israel. She's certainly earned herself a reputation. After the exchange, Meshaal's aide came up to her and said 'You're a hunter!', which Ward took as a huge compliment. In 2012 she won a peabody Ward for her independent journalistic coverage inside Syria. Courageous. Determined. Like The Wild Geese® , Clarissa Ward has adapted to her surroundings and continues to impact on them.
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