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Into The Unknown

07 Apr 2011
On the way into work this morning we found a very interesting article in London's Metro Newspaper. Richard Branson, entrepreneur and adventure is planning an expedition to explore some of the world's deepest underwater trenches.

With plans already in place to send tourists into space, Branson will pilot the first of five trips in the innovative Challenger Deep which can descend to 11,000 m (36,000 ft) and can remain under water for up to 24 hours.

Richard Branson and the Challenger Deep, originally commissioned by the
late Steve Fossett

Branson outlined the significance of the expeditions: 'We are seriously pushing the boundaries of human endeavour'. He continued, 'We are going to come across some fascinating creatures and learn some fascinating things that hopefully will be useful for mankind'.

The deep sea expeditions will be:

  • Molloy Deep, Arctic Ocean - 5,606m (18,392ft)
  • South Sandwich Trench, Southern Ocean - 7,235m (23,736ft)
  • Diamantina Trench, Indian Ocean - 8,047m (26,400ft)
  • Puerto Rico Trench, Atlantic Ocean - 8,380m (27,493ft)
  • Mariana Trench, Pacific Ocean - 11,034m (36,200ft)
The Marian Trench is the deepest unexplored point on the planet with a depth 2,186m higher than the peak of Mount Everest. The submersible will travel through the pitch black into the unknown. This is something that The Wild Geese® were faced with when many of them sailed beyond Europe to unknown lands.

This will be an incredible feat, and the expeditions could result in 30 Guinness World Records. An ambitious and inspiring exploration from a Man of Action.

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