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Irish Talent in 2012: Rooney Mara

09 Jan 2012
2012 is shaping up to be a very important year for Irish talent in Hollywood. There's a new wave of Irish talent that are being picked up by Hollywood.

First on our list is Rooney Mara, who's fiery turn in the US version of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo was a key attraction of the box office smash.

Mara fearlessly brought to life controversial character Lisbeth Salander, from the critically acclaimed 'Millennium series' by the late Stieg Larsson. For those of you familiar with the story, Lisbeth is a troubled young woman, but is so intriguing you're left wanting more from her. Mara certainly does her justice - filling the screen with intense emotion and a daunting feeling of unpredictability. She's certainly one of the most important characters of the naughties and after Mara's portrayal she'll be just as prominent during the next ten years.

Rooney Mara was certainly dedicated. After five screen tests, she was given two months to prepare for the role.

Rooney Mara was born in Bedford, New York and is of Italian and Irish descent. Her Irish ancestry is traced to Co. Down in Ireland and her paternal grandfather, Tim Rooney has run the Yonkers Raceway in Yonkers New York since 1972. Her great-grandfather, Art Rooney Sr. founded the professional football team the Pittsburgh Steelers.

When Wild Geese first landed on US shores they had to work hard, and strived for success. Rooney Mara's story is a true modern day example of the successes achieved by The Wild Geese® .

Mara's commitment is undeniable. Her role in The Social Network proved to be a defining point in her career.

This brought her to her turn as Lisbeth Salander.

The second part of the 'Millennium series', The Girl Who Played With Fire has been confirmed, but we're hoping we'll get lucky and see Rooney Mara sink her teeth into more roles that will get people talking. One thing is for sure: she's only just getting started.

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