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Man of Action Completes Seven Peaks Challenge

31 May 2011
A few months ago, we celebrated Geordie Stewart's plans to climb Mount Everest, which will be the culmination of his expeditions to climb the seven peaks. On the morning of the 26th May, Stewart reached the summit of the North East Ridge route of Everest. On his blog, his team posted:

'This is the culmination of a dream that Geordie had aged 17. At the summit, he became the youngest Briton to climb the highest mountain in each continent of the world - the 7 summits'.

Reading his incredible journey on his blog is very inspiring and the level of determination is extraordinary. In 2010, Stewart attempted the climb, but had to turn back only 120m from the summit. Undeterred, he planned the same expedition a year later:

'One learns more about themselves when things do not go according to plan than when they do. I got so near in 2010 and I will return to the North opposed to going from the South for exactly that reason'.

This is a testament to the continuing story of The Wild Geese® - transforming adversity and hardship into new opportunities. This is what The Wild Geese® Irish Whiskey celebrates, those who are determined and inspiring. Geordie continued saying, 'I know what to expect, I know I can cope with the altitude at 8720m and I know what to do differently to get to the top'. At about 6:45 local time, he reached the summit, completing his dream of climbing the Seven Summits.

For two and a half hours, he was the youngest Briton to achieve this feat. Sixteen year old George Atkinson reached the summit just after Geordie. Geordie's Twitter account, which posted live updates of the expedition as they happened, announced this, congratulating both adventurers on an incredible accomplishment. An inspiring story.
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