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Man of Action Tackles the Seven Peaks

05 Apr 2011
At the age of 23, well known adventurer Bear Grylls became the youngest Briton to climb the daunting Mount Everest. Now he is showing support for 21 year old student Geordie Stewart who is set to take that title.

The London student attempted the climb last year, but had to turn back less than 400 feet from the summit, after members of his team started to suffer from altitude sickness.

Speaking to London' Evening Standard Stewart explained: 'Although I've been up Everest before there is still a huge amount of excitement. I feel better prepared physically and mentally this time.'

This alone is a characteristic of a Man of Action, but the expedition will top Stewart's list of climbing the highest peaks on each continent. Geordie has already climbed:

- Cerro Aconcagua in the Andes, South America
- Kilimanjaro in North-Eastern Tanzania, Africa
- Vinson Massif in Antartica
- Carstensz Pyramid in Oceania
- Elbrus in the Caucasus, on the border of Europe and Asia
- McKinley in Alaska, North America

Climbing Everest will mean that Geordie Stewart will mean that he will have climbed the tallest mountains in the world.

We salute Stewart's ambition and conviction.
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