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Men of Action: Bivouacking the Karakoram Range

21 Aug 2012
In just 20 days, adventurer and bivouacking pioneer Thomas de Dorlodot crossed one of the most difficult terrains the world has to offer. The 27 year old Belgian paraglider walked more than 300 km and flew over 3 of the biggest glaciers in the world - Hispar, Biafo and Baltoro. 'The goal of bivouac is to fly and trek in one of the most hostile terrains in nature in the fastest possible time' Thomas explains. His journey took him over the Karakoram mountain range in the Pakistani Himalayas, making him the first lone pilot to pass over the area, flying at 7,250 m high. 'I landed on glaciers, climbed a virgin peak at 5,364m, crossed a few passes at more than 5,000 meters and was the first to reach the second-highest mountain on earth, K-2, all this in this most inhospitable but magical landscape and without many landing options' Thomas had to time his landings perfectly, as setting down a little off course could mean a 5 day hike to get back on track. 'Flying all the length of the Concordia glacier was probably the most impressive and technical flight of my life. Landing there in the middle of nowhere would have meant more than a week of hiking to get out!'
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