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Men of Action: Bradley Wiggins Ends The Year With BBC Award

19 Dec 2012
The BBC Sports Personality of the Year was awarded to Bradley Wiggins this past Sunday. The Olympian has had a stand out year, racing into the Guinness World Records for being the only cyclist to win an Olympic Gold Medal and the Tour de France in the same year. For many, his victory at the BBC's Sport's Personality of the year was unsurprising, but in a year filled with sports stars, its a huge achievement in its own right. His award has spurred him on to get back on his bike in 2013 and build on the momentum from this year. 'You reset your goals, I'm still hungry to do other things, but I'm never going to top this. I don't mind accepting that' 'I always wanted to win a second tour,' Wiggins explains. 'I want to win the Giro d'Italia and the Tour de France behind it. It's a new challenge. People said it can't be done - winning two tours in one year - so let's have a go.' Based on the skill and determination he's shown this year, we're excited to see what next year has in store for him!
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