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Men of Action: McIlroy 'Gives A Helping Hand' in 2013

16 Jan 2013
The year is off to an excellent start for Irish golfer Rory McIlroy. At only 23 years old, he's starting 2013 as the world number 1, and although the challengers will be lining up at the major tournaments, he's not likely to shift from that spot for some time. McIlroy is also now one of the highest earning golfers, second only to Tiger Woods, after he recently signed a new sponsorship deal. The deal will see him change equipment for this year's tournaments, but with a game as good as his, this may only be a minor adjustment. It's inspiring to see someone so talented climb the ranks so quickly, but what's more, the Co. Down native is keen to give something back. Like The Wild Geese® , there is a cause that calls to him and he's in the position to make a difference. McIlroy has set up a new charity, to help disadvantaged children from around the world. 'The Rory Foundation' will help fund children's charities and through his '6 Bags Project' will aim to raise awareness of the organisations striving to make a difference. At each of the first 6 tournaments of the year, McIlroy's golf bag will carry the name of a different charity. After the respective tournament, the bag will be auctioned, with all proceeds going to the chosen charity. 'Having support from my family gave me the opportunity to chase my dreams,' McIlroy explains. 'But I know that every child is not so fortunate. My aim is that The Rory Foundation will support children's charities, big and small, around the world, that try to give kids that helping hand' The Wild Geese® fought their situation to achieve their potential. Now, McIlroy's initiative will help those less fortunate to reach theirs. He's in the perfect position to take action and make a difference.
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