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Men of Action: Obama Outlines 'Future We Can Build Together'

18 Jun 2013
800px-Barack_Obama_at_Las_Vegas_Presidential_Forum Image from wikimedia
Barack Obama delivered a rousing speech this week, celebrating the progress made in the Northern Ireland Peace Process and outlining its implications for the rest of the world and the 'future we can build together'. The Good Friday Agreement was a monumental move towards peace for the country in 1998. It has served as inspiration for many nations across the world, including the USA. The President enthused:
'So many of the qualities that we Americans hold dear we imported from this land - perseverance, faith, an unbending belief that we make our own destiny, and an unshakable dream that if we work hard and live responsibly, something better lies just around the bend'
The President delivered his speech to groups of students, tomorrow's leaders, who greeted his words with a thunderous applause. The Irish fortitude that we celebrate is clearly still alive today. The Wild Geese® themselves persevered and believed that they could make their own destinies. Indeed they did. From their example and Obama's words, anything is possible. The President ended with a reminder of the link between Northern Ireland and the USA.
'You are the blueprint to follow, you are the proof of what is possible, because hope is contagious. And you should know that so long as you are moving forward, America will always stand by you as you do'
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