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Men of Action: Rory McIlroy's Time to Shine

01 Oct 2012

Thrilling scenes ran through the Ryder Cup at the weekend and there have already been whispers that we saw 'sports greatest comeback'. The biennial tournament sees Team Europe and Team USA tee off against each other and this year we all saw a remarkable comeback from the Europeans who ended the tournament with a 14 1/2 lead over the USA's 13 1/2. At the centre of this was the world number 1, Rory McIlroy. All eyes were on him going into the tournament. McIlroy has already proved time and again that he is the competitor to beat. But confusion over different time zones meant that he was running late for his tee off. But he made it with only 10 minutes to get warmed up. He putted a few practice shots, but what happened next really showed what McIlroy is capable of and why he's the world No. 1. 'In a way it wasn't really a bad thing because I didn't have time to think about it - and I played probably the best I played all week' McIlroy beat the US golfing titan Keegan Bradley and secured a point for his team, which was all important to the Man of Action: 'This week I'm not the No. 1 player in the world,' he explained last Wednesday. 'I'm one person in a 12-man team, and that's it. It's a team effort. There's 12 guys all striving towards the same goal. I'm just part of that' So when Team Europe came away with a victory, the winning feeling was that little bit sweeter. 'I know all the boys put their heart and soul into this. It's unbelievable... to win as an individual is great, but when it's part of a team it doesn't get better than that.' 'To share this moment and to know they gave everything like you have and to walk away as the victors is great' McIlroy was a strong cog in the mighty European wheel. Like The Wild Geese® , he understands how important team work is, and although you can shine individually, when a whole team work together and support one another, the result is remarkable. But its hard to ignore that fact that McIlroy is the world No. 1, something which could have overshadowed him going into the tournament. But he's kept his cool and not caved to that pressure. Like a true world class athlete he'll face the challenges as they come. 'I don't think I have a bulls-eye on my back. I think it's a huge compliment that people are saying they want to beat me and whatever. Whoever wants to take me on, they can take me on' Congratulations to McIlroy and Team Europe!
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