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Men of Action: The Last Charge of the 'Leinster Leviathan'

21 Feb 2014
Image by wynnert, via Flickr Creative Commons Image by wynnert, via Flickr Creative Commons
Ireland are rocketing into their next 6 Nations Rugby match with two wins behind them. The team's performances in the annual championship have been exemplary, and it seems like the perfect tournament for Brian O'Driscoll to retire to. The 'Leinster leviathan's' departure from the game is already being felt throughout the rugby world. He's often referred to as one of the greatest players ever and has displayed the strong Irish heart of the Wild Geese. His determination on and off the field has shone through. O'Driscoll will be hoping to capitalise on the 28-6 win against Scotland and the 26-3 win against Wales, to hit a hat-trick of wins against England this weekend, where he will draw with Australia's George Gregan for the most caps in the game (139). Although his career glistens with achievements, it is his character and commitment to his team that will be remembered. Camaraderie has also been an important trait to Wild Geese from which strong leaders have emerged. Like Patrick Sarsfield, O'Driscoll has lead his troops abroad.
'I believe that any team taking the field with Brian involved always fell they have a chance of winning,' explains Ireland's captain Paul O'Connell. 'You see that confidence now spread across the provinces'.
O'Connell has been celebrating the transformation Brian O'Driscoll has brought to the game by spreading 'confidence across the whole set-up'.
'He's the complete player. You have to defend as well as you attack, to be an elite member of the team off the pitch as well as on it. Many of those who come through now are in the mould of brian, in terms of the way he has carried himself. They have modelled themselves on him'
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