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Postponement Until 2021 - Weekend Oxford Literary Festival, Friday 27th March - Sunday 5th April 2020

30 Mar 2020

After consultation with the University of Oxford and other partners, it was decided to issue the attached statement on Monday 16th March on the Festival website.

Also see the following statement of support from the Vice-Chancellor Professor Louise Richardson –

“The University of Oxford fully understands and appreciates the decision of the FT Weekend Oxford Literary Festival to postpone the 2020 Festival. As a long- standing partner of the Festival we know what a wonderful event it is and just how much it is enjoyed by all who participate. We wish the Festival continuing success and look forward to welcoming it back either later this year or in 2021.”

The Festival director, Sally Dunsmore, has been deeply moved by the waves of messages of sympathy and encouragement from writers and speakers; Festival sponsors, donors and partners; all committing support for the 25th Festival in 2021; as well as members of the public offering to donate their ticket purchases to the fund to keep the Festival going.

Below is the cover of the 2020 Festival brochure; all 220 pages can be viewed by clicking here which was due to be printed the other week. It is a handsome testament to a great Festival; which had become the largest and most prestigious public cultural event staged at any University in the world.
As our societies and communities recover in Great Britain, and around the globe, we are committed to re-launching this special event at some stage in 2021.

We would be exceptionally grateful for any help you can give.

Thanks for your generous support.
Here’s to happier times!

Very best wishes,



Tony Byrne
Special Advisor

FT Weekend Oxford Literary Festival, Friday 27th March – Sunday 5th April 2020

Tel: 07801 287 510

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