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Super Bowl XLVI: Team Spirit

03 Feb 2012
We're only a few days away from the Super Bowl, when the New York Giants will meet the New England Patriots. Each team has a huge Irish American following and this will be a game that we're sure Wild Geese will be tuning in to.

Over the past week, the Super Bowl adverts have been airing on TV and the excitement is already starting to build.

The Giants and Patriots have faced off at the 2008 Superbowl, when the Giants 17-14. So all eyes will be locked to the screen to see how this year's Superbowl turns out.

Although the excitement is searing through the US, Tom Brady must feel like the world is on his shoulders, as he was on the field at Superbowl XLII as well. This will be Brady's fifth start as quarterback and has worked with New England Coach Bill Belichick for twelve years!

Speaking about their relationship that has lasted over a decade, Brady describes Belichick:

It's a clear bet that the team will be heading in to Sunday's game prepared. With the team training as equals, keeps them moving in the same direction. Although Brady attracts countless media attention, on the field, he's part of the team - one of eleven.

Like The Wild Geese® , the Patriots will need to depend on each other in order to achieve success. Patriots offensive lineman, Brian Waters puts this into perspective:

Although they're not quite fighting to survive and succeed, this is what the mind set of The Wild Geese® was - working together and giving 100%.

In the last few days, Tom Brady's wife, the glamourous Gisele Bündchen has been rallying support for her husband and his team:

And that's exactly what Wild Geese are doing according to Connell Gallagher, publisher of the Irish Emigrant newspaper in Boston:

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