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The BBC Good Food Show Winter, November 2011

29 Nov 2011

We’ve just got back from the BBC Good Food Show, which took place in Birmingham, UK.

The NEC was packed full of people on the hunt for something new, something different and something to help fill those Christmas stockings.

The show opened on Wednesday and offered the best in fine foods and drinks to guests from all over the UK. In between cooking competitions and presentations on the theatre stages, consumers were able to explore the sprawling alleyways of exquisite independent products. And that’s where they found THE WILD GEESE® Irish Whiskey* – at stand T64.

Although some familiar faces dropped by, who we met at the BBC Good Food Summer Show (in June), for many experiences what THE WILD GEESE® had to offer was something new.

Our promoter, Kate, was an instant hit and her enthusiasm for THE WILD GEESE® was shared by the people we met.

By Friday, the carpets were blocked out by the pulsating crowds – everyone excited to find something new.

Nick Wykees, our mixologist was also on hand to demonstrate the versatility of THE WILD GEESE®, and mixed up some cocktails recipes which emphasised the Untamed nature of The Wild Geese® Rare Irish Whiskey and THE WILD GEESE® Golden Rum.

We hope you all enjoyed yourself at the BBC Good Food Show and be sure to stay in touch with THE WILD GEESE® Collection. You can find more photos on our facebook page –

We hope to see you all soon!

*In North America THE WILD GEESE® Whiskey is sold under the brand name THE WILD GEESE® Irish Soldiers & Heroes’.

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