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The Wild Geese® Gold Cup Cocktail featured in The Mail Online

20 Jun 2014


(Source Mail Online)

So football madness has swept the nation; wall charts are tacked up in living rooms, office sweepstakes have been drawn (go Ghana!) and bunting is draped across pubs and HGVs.

All there is to do now is sit back with a cold drink and enjoy.

Whether you want something to sip during the game, a stiff one to help block out the score, or something fruity to transport your mind to the warm breeze of the Brazilian coast, our friends at online magazine About Time have a timely tipple for you.


What: A vibrant fruity punch with the refreshingly exotic flavours of Brazil; the closet thing to sipping a coconut on Copacabana Beach.

Ingredients (makes enough for a mini crowd):

150ml THE WILD GEESE® Classic Blend Whiskey

Handful of Basil

50ml Coconut Cream

50ml Lime Juice

50ml Sugar Syrup

What to do: Blend a handful of basil leaves with the coconut cream and lime juice. Pour into a punch bowl and stir in the sugar syrup, whiskey and plenty of ice.

To serve: Pour into glasses, add crushed ice, float the shell of the passion fruit shell on top and fill the shell with blue curacao. Finish off with lemon zest.


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