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The Wild Geese® Whiskey featured in Studded Kisses

15 Dec 2014

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THE WILD GEESE® – Available on The Whisky Exchange

This cute set is the perfect gift for any whiskey connoisseur, it allows you to sample a variety of The Wild Geese® products before splurging on a bigger bottle. It’s also a great stocking filler.

The Single Malt whiskey has a oaky taste but with a slight sweet hint of vanilla which satisfied my sweet tooth. The Rare Irish whiskey again has an oaky aroma but instead with a hint of citrus. THE WILD GEESE® Limited Edition Fourth Centennial (middle) has a slight spicy taste to it but with a hint of marzipan and chocolate making it my favourite of the four.

The Classic Blend (far right) is crisp and again with a sweet taste. It is distilled in County Louth, Ireland, where I actually took a trip to a few years ago. I would love to return to sample more!

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