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'Until We Meet Again'

27 May 2011
'I won't say goodbye, I'll just say, until we meet again'
Oprah Winfrey aired the finale of her globally renowned chat show on Wednesday evening, bringing it to an end after twenty-five years. Originally airing on September 8th 1986, Oprah's talk show has integrated itself with popular culture and has provided a platform to sensitively tell inspirational stories, as well as act as a window into the celebrity world.

Over four thousand episodes came to a climax this month - firstly with a two part farewell special, where celebrities honoured Oprah and an 'Open Love Letter' to Oprah's fans. Oprah's work has touched many people throughout the world and she leaves television screens as an incredibly inspirational figure. During the two-part farewell special, Madonna said: 'It's no secret that millions of people are inspired by Oprah. I am one of them.'

In her 'Love Letter' to fans, Oprah thanked her fans 'for being as much of a sweet inspiration for me as I tried to be for you' and told them: 'Something in me connected with each of you in a way that allowed me to see myself in you and you in me... I listened and grew, and I know you grew along with me'.

The Wild Geese® Irish Whiskey enjoys celebrating success stories such as this. Her careers has landed her on many 'Most Influential People' lists, by changing the face of confessional media and helping to make reading accessible to all.

Celebrities came together for a two part farewell special - and celebrate the career of Oprah.
Oprah has consistently taken action to strive for a better world. By sensitively discussing people's brutal problems and experiences, Oprah has helped end taboo topics and also faced her own demons. Although Oprah is a 'self-made woman who's been at the top of her game for over 25 years' (praised Madonna), its her calls to action, which have truly defined her as an inspiration - extending her arm and influence far and wide throughout the world. She has founded three charity movements and continues to give to many other causes.

In her final show, Oprah urged her fans to 'make the world a better place' - just as she has strived to do. A true success story.
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