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Whiskies of The World, San Francisco – 26th March 2011

31 Mar 2011

THE WILD GEESE® Irish Whiskey – sold in North and Central America under the ‘brand name’ THE WILD GEESE® Irish Soldiers & Heroes – was showcasing at Whiskies of the World in San Francisco last weekend.

The event was great fun and we were astounded by the response The Collection received from the public. Its really great to see people enjoying the whiskey and connecting with the story that inspires it.-21

‘This Whiskey made a soldier out of me’
The story of the Flight of the Wild Geese is a key driving force behind our brand, and we really enjoy sharing it with the consumer.-9

‘Ab Fab! Tour WILL be arranged next Ireland trip’-8

‘Slaíte Wild Geese Irish Soldiers & Heroes’
‘Slaíte’ is a traditional drinking toast, meaning Good Health. We share the sentiment.-24

THE WILD GEESE® Irish Soldiers & Heroes is available at Bevmo stores in California-27

‘Very nice and smooth’
Thanks Joe!-30


‘Very Smooth’

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